Learning new things is something I love to do, so a lot of my projects deviate wildly from one to another. Check out these links to some of the more complete ones I’ve done!


Video Game - Anemoiapolis

My newest project. Anemoiapolis is a short, atmospheric PC game. It is a reflection of my life during the pandemic, and a critique on urban sprawl. Anemoiapolis is a solo commercial project, and it’s already made $1000 dollars on pre-orders with a 5/5 star rating from early access players. The game’s twitter page has gained a large following in just a few months.

Procedural Project

Algorithm - Procedural Architecture

Procedural 3D architecture is one of my biggest obsessions, and it is what my blog is about. Please feel free to check out the other posts on my website! The algorithm is written in C# and displayed in Unity.

Pigeon Poll

App - Pigeon Poll

This was a group project I did in college, and it was one of my favorite software development experiences! As a 5-person team, we built this app in Android Studio (Java) and it runs like a dream. You won’t find any screenshots of the app (yet), but follow the link to see how the game played. It was a lot of fun.

Hayworth VR

Demo - Hayworth VR Concept

When I worked at Externa CGI, we made a lot of VR demos, typically for CES trade show floors. Here is a demo that I programmed entirely by myself, which is why I chose it for my portfolio. take a look!

Networking Protocol - RCMP

Not the most impressive or complete, but I had a lot of fun making this for my networking class in pair programming sessions with another classmate. It is a local file transfer script that is both reliable and message-based, a hybrid of TCP and UDP. It is abstracted on top of UDP messages. The README isn’t very descriptive, but click on any script and you’ll find a lot of documentation.

Visual Art - Portfolio

If you’re interested in other side projects I do, visit my art portfolio! I’ve been using blender 3D since high school and it’s one of my favorite ways to express myself.

This Website

I’ve been slowly teaching myself web development. This website was the first step - a static page made with Jekyll. Take a look around!